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Apr 22 2013

New Boat Shop & New Projects

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Harrison Boatworks has moved to a new location in Wanchese at 952 Old Wharf Road. It was very sad to leave Sunnyside on the north end of Roanoke Island, where I built boats for more than a dozen years. But the new shop is proving to be a very good thing for Harrison Boatworks. The shop is well-lit, well-ventilated, dry, three times the size and only a block away from the haulout, Wanchese Dock & Haul.

Immediately after moving in, I was confronted by a few challenges, the first being installing a phase converter in order to enable my three-phase machines to work in a single-phase shop. This took weeks but we got it worked out with help from Jason Turner at Beacon Electric.

Within a week of moving into the new shop in January I began design and lofting the new 19-foot tunnel skiff. This new design is a smaller of version of my 22-foot center console, with the addition of a tunnel for running in shallow water. It will live in the Currituck Sound and be used for duck hunting and fishing. Click on the images to see a larger version of the photo.

After getting that boat underway, I assembled the jig for an 18-foot flats boat for a man in Florida. This boat will be a slicked-out, fast, pure flats boat, including poling platform, recessed push pole holders, live well, pop-up console, hydraulic jackplate, tunnel, casting platform, recessed cleats, etc.

New Harrison Boatworks location

New Harrison Boatworks 19′ Tunnel Skiff ready for planking.

Blocking the new 19′ with my son, Burcham.

19′ with Ad-Tech ProSeal to fill the weave of the fiberglass.


The the 19′ tunnel skiff has an entry that should provide a comfortable ride and the proper flair to keep her good and dry.

The new 18′ Flats Skiff design has an inset motor mount that will get a 4″ hydraulic jackplate.

I’ll be blogging more about these boats as they progress.

Also at Harrison Boatworks, we’ve been working on a 40-foot Hinckley. With this boat we’ve had work done to the jet drives, built a stow-able teak cockpit table, stripped and revarnished all of the britework, and done the bottom work (sandblasting, BarrierCote and antifouling paint). We’ve also installed a back up Garmin GPS and thru-hull transducer, as well as a new power inverter/charger.

40″ Hinckley inside the Harrison Boatworks shop, ready for rubbin’.

Moving the Hinckley from Harrison Boatworks to Wanchese Dock & Haul.

The Hinckley sits besides Winkie’s version of the Hinckley Picnic Boat.

New BarrierCote and antifouling bottom paint on the Carolina Magic/Patrice Marie.

Unmistakable Carolina shape on the Harrison Boatworks 39′.

Gonna miss seeing this boat around here on Roanoke Island.

Meanwhile, the Harrison Boatworks 39-foot Carolina Magic has sold and will be going to Port Aransas, TX. For the new owner, we’ve been re-doing the britework, refinishing the covering boards and bridge deck, adding spreader lights and under-gunnel LED lights, and redid the bottom. The new is Patrice Marie — keep an eye for her. She’ll be traveling TX in a couple of weeks.

These are just a few of the projects we’ve worked on since the Jan. 1 move to the new location. I look forward to starting the next 22-footer upstairs on the mezzanine this summer.

Feel free to stop by and check  out what we’ve got going on.


One Response to New Boat Shop & New Projects

  1. Patrick Pritchard July 27, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Nice web site. Good info on projects . Like any site more pics of everything. Here u have moved from sunny side but I didn’t see pics of the outside of the shop or of the the new logo on the building . Very informative overall. If ur website was too good I would think u don’t have much to build. Talk to u soon
    Patrick Pritchard

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