I’m really excited about this 19′ design. It has an aggressive entry and a considerable amount of flare, as well as a similar tunnel to my other tunnel designs. The running bottom is similar to that of my 22′ in that it has a pronounced entry while still having a broad chine forward, which gives it superior stability and weight-carrying capabilities.

The layout can be configured to many different uses, and the owner can choose a variety of different options and degrees of finish.

Here’s one example.

19' tunnel skiff

19′ Carolina Tunnel Skiff with center console and open layout

This particular boat was designed for a man who takes duck hunting parties in the Currituck Sound. He wanted a boat that could haul a heavy load and still be comfortable and dry in a serious chop. I believe that this hull fits that bill perfectly for a 19′ long, 7.5′ wide skiff. It draws about 8″ of water and will run in less than 12″. He chose the console model with hydraulic steering and a 70 hp Yamaha, as well as the Dull Dead Grass hull color, solid rubber rub rail and a straightforward open deck layout. We see around 8 mpg and about 35 mph top end with this boat.

19' skiff with tiller

19′ Carolina style tunnel skiff with tiller.

In contrast, this 19′ tunnel skiff (same hull design), is outfitted with a 40 hp Etech tiller and totally open layout. This client wanted a shallow-draft skiff for fishing in the sounds but wanted big-water capabilities for heading out Oregon Inlet into the ocean. He chose a casting deck forward, which houses a 16 gallon fuel tank, anchor, PFDs, lines, etc. He chose aft seats, which double as storage and contain battery, panel, hydraulic pump, etc. He also chose a solid stainless steel rub rail and classic “Sportsman” paint scheme — Chevy white hull and decks, blue anti-fouling bottom paint and red boot stripe. The tiller version draws around 8″ at the entry and will top out around 30 mph.