We’re wrapping up the 22′ and this week we’ve been putting the initial 10 hours of break-in on the 150hp Yamaha. We’re finding that the 22′ hull in combination with the 150 and jackplate are extremely fuel efficient, plus we can sneak into less than a foot of water. As well, she is extremely dry and comfortable in a chop.  She’s also surprisingly easy to manage with a push pole because she’s so light and draws only 10 inches of water.

The new owner is extremely pleased with his boat. And I’m extremely pleased

with this new design. The 22′ has a wide range of capabilities. I’m convinced that I must have one for myself and my family. And I have to admit that the little taste of speed with the 150 is somewhat addictive.

Here’s what the new owner had to say after his first trip in the boat:

“Took the boat out this weekend. This boat over delivers and completely blew away my expectations. We are waiting on the leaning post to be cushioned and then she will be completed. We were fishing this weekend in eyesight of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and the boat produces fish. Thanks to the Captain and boatbuilder (Patrick Harrison). We caught Speckled Trout, Flounder, Red Drum, and Rockfish. We had three adults and two children onboard and the boat is fishable in calf deep water. Simply Amazing for a 22’ boat that is capable of big water performance. The boat will top out around 39 knots. Jumps on plane. Turns on dime. As stable as any big offshore boat. Patrick, his son, and I all were standing and fishing off of the Starboard gunnel and the boat did not even tip the slightest. As you probably can tell the grin from ear to ear has not left!”

We’ve taken this boat out twice and had extremely good luck fishing. We got into some spots that 22′ deep-V production boats could not have accessed.

Designing and building this specific 22′ boat for Andrew and Suzanne Hampson has been a lot of fun.  I feel like he and his family wanted a little more sea boat than one of my tunnel skiffs and a little less than the 28′. They wanted to access shallow waters and yet still feel safe and comfortable going out of the inlet and into the ocean. I feel like this boat meets those needs to a T. I can’t wait to start the next one.